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It’s been hard times during this new millennia. First we had Makah Whaling and the accompanying hate and racism against Indians. Then we had the desecration of Tsewhitzen and all that accompanying hate. Most recently we have had the removal of the Elwha dams. Nothing interfered with our joy over that.

Through all this I have followed the Anna Mae Aquash murder trials. It was an attempt by the FBI to officially pin the Aquash murder on The American Indian Movement. To do this the FBI rewrote our history. I attempted to confront their lies on internet discussion lists and this blog. The federal government won convictions of Arlo Looking Cloud and John Graham for the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. The damages haven’t been tallied.

All of these events came on top of each other. I was exhausted. I took a much needed break. I am once again ready to assume my blogging.

My Grandpa Sammy Charles was the Secretary on the new Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribal Council. His father was the last Chief of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe. Grampa could speak, read and write whiteman, or if you prefer, the English language. He was also a rememberer, a historian. He didn’t trust the white man to keep an accurate account of our history so he kept journals. Before he died he passed this job to my aunt Martha John. She kept journals and buried them on her property in coffee cans. Before she died she passed this sacred duty to me. I don’t trust the white man any more than they did. I keep this blog in honor of my grampa Sammy Charles and my aunt Martha Charles John and my People The Klallam Tribe.

I share our teachings that you will find in older posts.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



The internet is strange, sometimes good sometimes bad. You can use it to research and get or get out information. You can use it to communicate.

One of the bad things for Indians is anyone can claim to be Indian without proof. You can’t see them through your monitor unless they want to be seen. We are plagued with wannabes.

Another bad thing is racists can invade your discussion sites. They can say anything under the guise of free speech, even hate. They can hide behind pseudonyms and usually do.

Seashepherd has done all of that. During Makah whaling they called for anyone with a drop of Indian blood to speak out against the Makah. I met such a man on our beach one day.

I was bringing oyster shells for my mom to the beach. We return our shells and bones and uneaten parts back to where we got the fish or shellfish.

There was a red haired red bearded white man prowling the beach with a white woman. I recognized him as one who spoke at the Environmental Impact study hearing in Seattle against Makah Whaling.

He came up and looked at what I had poured out. He said belligerently “What are you doing?” I asked him who he was and what he was doing on private Reservation land. He said he was Chippewa. I told him he had no rights on our land.

He thought that if he claimed Indian blood that would be a key into any Indian community. I told him to go back to the Great Lakes. That was Chippewa territory.

I knew he wasn’t Indian. No Indian would take a stand against another Tribe’s Treaty. That’s sacrosanct.

I stayed until the strange man left. I reported him to our police chief. He told me I should have gotten him right away. He would have escorted the invader beyond the reservation boundaries and told him never to return.

There was a letter in the paper by a woman claiming to be Navajo. She opposed the Navajo’s claim to a sacred mountain. Seashepherd promoted hate against Indians. It was never about whaling. The issue was and is hate.

One day an old friend and Makah whaling commissioner came to our Elders lunch. I told him that some seashepherd wiccan/Satanists had found me on a googlegroups Indian discussion site, alt.native. I told him that they were still attacking me about Makah whaling.

He said it’s too bad that they can’t just move on. We have.

I told him that they were calling me a racist, as if that would negate all the racist atrocities seashepherd had committed here during Makah Whaling. He laughed at the absurdity.

I had many letters to the editor printed. I confronted seashepherd lies and racism. I appealed to the higher good of our white neighbors. I said that organizations will not stop hate. Individual people would.

Apparently it worked. Dan Spomer stated in his West Coast Citizen’s Alliance, that the only time he had trouble was when Monica had a letter printed.

All of the hate groups have the word citizen in the title of their group. They refer to themselves as tax paying citizens. That is racismspeak for white.

Chuck and Margaret Owens call their group the Peninsula Citizens for the Protection of Whales.

There are no People of Color in any of these groups.

Seashepherd information director Michael Kundu used the internet to organize wiccan and satanic covens around the world to cast their spells on the Makah at the same time. He would write the rhyming spells that were used.

He kept a diary on the Makah whale hunt on his coven’s site. When he ran for public office he erased his internet tracks. Some of his racist articles can still be found.

The invading group on the alt.native site seems strange. Kate, who appears to be their witch queen, also claims to be Kickapoo. She claims a medicine man in Sedona told her that she was a very powerful woman (a medicine woman?) and from the Kickapoo Tribe.

Although she will not state where she is enrolled she thinks she can speak as an Indian. She is another wannabe. We are plagued with them.

The men are vitriolic and bullies. One calling himself sizzle flambé enrolled at the New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans site. He said one of the moderators Debbie Moran invited him there.

He provided a link to a Seattle Times article that quoted me. It was his evidence of my racism. I was quoted as saying the Port Angeles Graving yard project was very hard on my People.

The State of Washington was building a graving yard on top of one of old villages and cemetery. Our youth had to remove our Ancestors remains to keep the state’s voracious machines from desecrating them.

His other evidence against me was his rhyming poems about me. Very strange.

Even with Debbie Moran’s backing he could not get up a posse to attack me. He soon disappeared.

Debbie moran is also a moderator on a white pagan site. They have divided themselves into Tribes. Debbie had a map up of their Tribes and their traditional lands. As a moderator she knew I was looking around her site. It was shut down for a while to non-members. Their Traditional Tribal lands were along side the I-5 corridor. It encompassed Nisqually, Puyallup, Muckleshoot and Tulalip Reservations. The map has since been removed.

Another calling himself sar chasm sent a letter to Jamestown Sklallam Tribe Chairman Ron Allen. Ron is prominent on the national scene.

The letter demanded that the Tribe denounce me or sar chasm would have all funding for the Tribe stopped and the casino closed. Ron is too big to be intimidated by a gnat. He did not respond.

This is typical Seashepherd keystone kops behavior. He threatened the wrong chairman from the wrong band. I provided him with the appropriate names and information so he could threaten my chairwoman. I was embarrassed for him.

He promptly sent another threatening letter to my chairwoman. He actually expected a response and a public denunciation of me. She didn’t bother with him either.

Dan Spomer did the same thing during Makah Whaling. He called for a boycott of all Indian smokeshops and casinos. The Makah have neither a smokeshop nor a casino. The issue is hate.

Spomer also demanded that the State of Washington denounce the Makah or he would call for a tourism boycott. The State ignored him as the Tribe is ignoring the chasm.

Sar chasm tells me I have no right to call myself an Elder. He seems to think that it is an elected position as an Elder in a church. He is demanding that my Tribe denounce me as an Elder or they will have to deal with him. He actually expected a response.

My mother was the last surviving member of her generation in our family. When she left us then my generation had to step up and take her place ready and willing or not.

Sar chasm and other seashepherds refuse to realize that they have no right to say what is Traditional or who is an Elder. It is racist for them to assume so. Only we can make those determinations.

The white race is not overseers or keepers of the protocols of People of Color.

Sar chasm is a bad representative of Seashepherd, Paganism and the white race.

We have survived the guns, the boarding schools and smallpox blankets. We will survive Seashepherd wiccans and satanists. They are only gnats after all.

Debbie Moran’s pagan site:


Monday, March 22, 2010



On May 17 1999 The Makah got their first whale in approximately 80 years. It was a time of rejoicing. They held a feast. Tribes came from across the United States and Canada. They painted their Tribe and Reservation's name on their cars.

This was our biggest victory since the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Every Indian shared in it. We had been inundated with the same hate that was thrown at the Makah.

The issue was never totally to save whales. It was anti-Indian. It was anti-Treaty. It was white supremacy.

There were some whose intent was to save gray whales. Josh Harper was one. He was convicted of throwing lit flares at the Hummingbird, the whaling canoe. He was told to keep a specific distance from Makah Tribal members.

He told Mike Two Horses, Coalition to End Racial Targeting of American Indian Nations founder, that he attended a land rally opposing Makah whaling. He said he was sickened by the hate he saw. He could not support the racism against the Makah and Indians in general. He wanted to simply save the lives of gray whales. He left and never did come back.

I applaud that committed and honest young man. Saving whales is a noble goal. Racism is not.

There were many who came to Clallam County to fight whaling. There were many who came to Clallam County to fight Indians. Unfortunately some of them stayed to continue their hate.

An organization to fight racism was started by the business community in Port Angeles. Stories of hate in Port Angeles had escaped and were printed in papers across the country.

A young Black coastguardsman had returned a movie to the video store. Across the street someone was selling flags. Prominent among them was the confederate flag. They chased the young Coastguardsman to his car.

One morning he awoke to find the "N" word scratched into his car.

Young Hispanic Coastguardsmen were at a Port Angeles bar. They were goaded into a fight by local racist whites. The same thing happened to South Sea Island Coastguardsmen. Hate openly fluorishes in Port Angeles. These stories were reported in papers as far away as Florida.

Port Angeles was hosting a baseball tournament for youth. A little girls Black team cancelled their participation after hearing of racist incidents. Their parents did not want them subjected to the hate Port Angeles was becoming famous for.

The local merchants feared that tourism was in jeapordy. They started an anti-racism group. The name has changed several times. I think they are now "The Multicultural Community Taskforce."

Seashepherd wiccans have taken over the taskforce. It does not deal with racism. The committee ignores it.

Seashepherd is good at manipulation. They asked Makah elder Alberta Thompson for a pet name for a little four year old girl. She said "Yabis." It means beloved in Makah.

Seashepherd humanized the whale that Makah hunters had gotten. They called her Yabis, our four year old baby girl. They continually stated that we had sacrificed her.

The Makah had tried to share our beliefs with the racist seashepherds. They told of our symbiotic relationship with the whales. We pray and state our need for the hunt or fishing. Something will hear our prayers and say it would be an honor for me to feed those People. They will knowingly sacrifice their lives that we might live.

We in turn feed their Spirits and keep them alive with our prayers, songs and dances. It was Makah prayers, songs and dances that brought the gray whale back from extinction.

There were many letters in the paper about the Makah killing "our four year old baby girl."

The Makah Headstart class was visiting Forks. Unfortunately this was during an antiwhaling rally. When antiwhalers saw the name Makah on the side of the bus they began attacking the bus full of 3-5 year olds. They banged their placards and yelled racist epithets at our babies.

My sister and I were driving by a Chuck Owens demonstration at the courthouse. People yelled "murderers" at us.

Our children were performing at a function in town. Chuck Owens again protested our children. The culture director ordered the bus to turn around. She took the children home. She didn't want our babies spat upon.

A young Elwha man was at a bar in Port Angeles. He went to the bathroom. Several white men followed him in. They started punching him knocking him down. They kicked him and asked "Are you a whaler.?"They didn't wait to find out if he was a Makah Whaler. They beat him simply because he is Indian.

On the day the Makah got their whale one of the seashepherds called in a bomb threat to the Puyallup and Tulalip Tribal schools. The students were sent home. The schools had to take the threat seriously. It caused much trauma to the students, their parents and grandparents.

It seems that seashepherd loves to terrorize small children. They have no respect for our Yabis.

I was in Walmart one day and ran into Alberta Thompson the Elder that seashepherd used to speak against Makah Whaling. I told her that I support Tribal whaling but didn't want to fight with her. She said she didn't want to fight with me. I was relieved. We had agreed to disagree. Suddenly a group of white haired white women came between us. They grabbed Alberta's wheel chair and pushed her away.

That was the last time we spoke. Seashepherd engineered problems between Alberta and her Tribe, relatives and friends. I saw her at a dinner on the Little Boston reservation. She sat at the Elders table with my mother. She wouldn't eat the Traditional foods. She said she didn't like it and didn't know how to eat it. The other Elders were angry. Mom offered to open the oysters and clams for her. Seashepherd had succeeded in making Alberta ashamed of being Indian.

When the village site at Hoko was being excavated Alberta Thompson was the Traditional Foods cook.

Today Alberta is in a nursing home. She is all but forgotten by her seashepherd allies who used her so shamefully.

Seashepherd attacked our culture, traditions, beliefs and ceremonies. They tried to make us ashamed of being Indian as their missionary ancestors had done.

We have a right to be Indian. We have a right to be safe in our homes and communities. We have a right to live the life that the Creator gave us.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seashepherd Hate

Seashepherd Hate PT 1
11 years later

On May 17 1999 the Makah Tribe got their first gray whale in approximately 80 years. They had voluntarily given up hunting gray whales because white New England whalers had almost totally decimated their numbers.

The white whalers hunted gray whales for their oil and their bones to make corsets to imprison their white women.

The Makah hunted them for food.

Seashepherd and their fellow antiwhalers are gnats. They buzzed the Makah whaling canoe, The Hummingbird, with jetskis and rubber rafts called zodiacs. They threw lit flares at her trying to set her on fire.

One young woman looked like she wanted to ram the canoe with her jetski. A Coast Guard zodiac positioned itself between her and the canoe. Her jetski slid under it.

Drama queen Seashepherd claimed that the Coast Guard had run over her deliberately. She was arrested and hospitalized in Port Angeles. Guards were posted. She was young pretty and arrogant. The drama queen made the most of the situation.

Seashepherd believed that if they turned up the racism other Tribes would capitulate and force the Makah to stop whaling. They attacked our culture, religion, ceremonies and traditions.

It didn’t work. The Makah were exercising their Treaty Right to hunt whales. We dug in and endured the hate to support the Makah Treaty.

There would be four or five letters in the local newspaper every day by antiwhalers. It was racism disguised as saving whales. Indians were inundated with hate.

Some of the antiwhaling statements were incredibly stupid. They stated that the Traditional method of Makah Whaling was to dig up a corpse and paddle that after the whale. Our respect for the dead would not allow that abnormal behavior.

Dan Spomer wrote a bizarre editorial that was printed in the paper about the Hopi sacrificing eagles. The Hopi Tribe is from the Arizona deserts. They don’t whale.

The antiwhalers continually stated that if we wanted to whale we couldn’t use any modern conveniences. I would gladly give up my microwave oven and Indian Nikes and flushing toilet if they would take the next plane back to their ancestral homelands.

I started answering those letters. At first I confronted their evil and hate. You can’t reason with an evil racist person. I started poking fun at them.

I suggested they celebrate the little bean that makes their tofu and gardenburgers. I suggested they sing ballads of all the land, animals, birds, insects, trees and vegetation that were laid waste to grow their vegan food. I told them to Riverdance in honor of their bravery in supermarket aisles as they gathered their food.

They hated me. They still do to this day.

About this time it was announced that fish dna had been added to tomatoes to extend their shelf life. I had fun with that. I said that by the end of the decade antiwhaling vegans may be hunting their salad alongside the Makah while they hunt whales.

They didn’t think that was funny either. Vegans and antiwhalers have no sense of humor. They called me disrespectful. They didn’t think their words of hate were disrespectful.

I got involved with the internet group The Coalition to End Racial Targeting of American Indian Nations because I had been at the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973. I had a friend who had a friend that was a member. She told them about me.

The CERTAIN founder, Mike Two Horses called and interviewed me. Paul Watson of Seashepherd claimed that he couldn’t be racist because he was the American Indian Movement’s medic.

He claims that he ran through a hail of lead to rescue wounded medic Roque Madrid. He also claims to have helped Medicine Man Leonard Crow Dog remove the bullet.

Watson also claims to have had a vision during a sweat lodge ceremony. He claims that he saw a buffalo with a spear imbedded in him. There was a rope attached to the spear. He chased the hunter away thereby rescuing the buffalo.

Watson further claims that Medicine Man Wallace Black Elk interpreted his vision. According to Watson, Black Elk said that it wasn’t the plains buffalo that he had saved. It was the buffalo of the sea….whales.

Watson claims that Wallace Black Elk told him that he would become the shepherd of the sea. Problem is neither Wallace Black Elk nor Leonard Crow Dog remember a heroic visionary white boy. Neither does anyone who was actually there.

That was a nice little story to explain how he came by the name for his organization. Watson also claims that Wallace Black Elk gave him the Indian name Gray Wolf Clear Water.

Wallace doesn’t remember performing a naming ceremony. He spoke his language. If he gave an Indian name it would have been in Lakota not English.

He would not have given a first and last name. He would not have used the last name of the recently murdered Frank Clearwater.

Frank Clearwater had walked into the occupation of Wounded Knee with his wife. Before his first 24 hours were up a bullet pierced the Catholic Church walls where he was sitting on the floor. It killed him.

Watson claims we are denying him because he saves whales. I would be grateful to him if he actually did that.

I never did understand Watson’s story. The Sioux are buffalo hunters. Why would he think a Sioux medicine man would be impressed with him chasing off a buffalo hunter?

I tried to chase off crossposters on the alt.native discussion site. It backfired. Racist seashepherd wiccan/Satanists recognized my name and invaded our site.

They don’t care about saving whales. They want to put down Indians once and for all. I refuse to be put down. I will probably be the Ishi in their crosshairs for the rest of my life.

The Indian in me refuses to die or surrender.

Part 2 follows shortly.

Seashepherd humanized the whale and dehumanized Indians.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Monica J Charles

We had a chance during the 1970’s to bring healing and balance back into our communities. We could have undone the damage done by the misogynistic white man.

Our family lines were traced through the mother. We had powerful women’s societies. Our “work,” songs, and ceremonies were inherited from our mothers.

We always knew that somewhere on Mother Earth there was a white man race. We were told in a prophecy that if he ever became lost he would be sent to us for help. We were told to help him get back on the spiritual path.
Just before the lost white men appeared we were given a new prophecy. Our Ancestors could not believe that such evil would be allowed to happen. They did as they were told anyway.

We were told that the white man might try to kill all of us. Whole Tribes and families could disappear. My Ancestors could not comprehend genocide. That’s an invention of the white man.

Two children from each village and Tribe were chosen and sent for fostering to other Tribes. They were destined to marry and be returned to their original homes should the village or Tribe be completely wiped out.

What happened was worse than we could imagine. Whole Tribes and villages and families completely disappeared from our Mother Earth. Most of our People died.

Those Old People thought that if the white man found out that there were survivors he would come get the babies and kill them. Those who were destined to save their People were quietly absorbed into their host Tribes.

The white man did show up lost scruffy and smelly. He wasn’t searching for spiritual enlightenment. He was looking for gold, that yellow metal that makes him crazy.

What happened to our People during the early occupation of our lands is unconscionable. Our babies, our great-grandparents and grandparents, were kidnapped and held at church and government boarding schools.

Those holy people of the white man’s version of God did not treat our children as the sacred beings that they are. They violated our future, our children. They beat and raped them.

Those broken children were sent home to plant those evil seeds of destruction in our communities. Violence and sexual abuse took hold.

The authority of Woman was ignored by the white man. Our women’s societies disappeared when our religion and ceremonies were outlawed and forced underground.

Indian men unknowingly helped the white man keep us in the prisoner mentality. He began beating and raping the women in his life. He forgot his own sacredness and that of Mother Earth’s representatives on earth.

During the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973 a call went out for women who knew how to sew. I was surprised how few answered the call. We were to make quilts from the clothing that was found in the basements in churches. We wondered why they were never distributed to the poor Lakota.

Anna Mae and Mary Moore led our discussions. We were young and uneducated at that point. You would be hard pressed to find a more intelligent conversation anywhere.

We talked about our Tribes, our reservations, our lives and the situation we found ourselves in. We talked about how out of control and sexist the men were. We thought that they would grow up and settle down as time went on.

Mary asked me why I was there. I said because of my Treaty, our fishing rights and it was the right thing to do.

Although our Treaties guaranteed us the right to fish, white men wanted to keep it a white man’s sport. We were arrested for fishing for food. We were arrested for fishing on our own Reservations.

My Dad fished at night. His smokehouse was built underneath a big maple. Everyday before we went to school we were told not to tell anyone that we had fish.

It was time for Amerika to grow up and live up to the word of her ancestors. They had taken our land. We gave up that land but retained our right to hunt, fish and whale.

It was on this work detail that I met and got to know Anna Mae Aquash. She was smart, pretty and quiet. She stood out yet she was one of us.

We made quilts. We made mittens with trigger fingers for security. One of them came to us and told us that it was a good idea but they were too small. I was told to trace his hand for a pattern.

I got a magic marker and traced his hand. I was real happy with my pattern. He was looking at the black ring the marker had left on his hand. Everyone laughed. I was embarrassed and apologized.

We were able to make mittens for our men out of wool sweaters. We later learned that the feds had a professional version of our homemade mittens with trigger fingers. I had thought we were the first to think of it.

I was a student when I heard of Anna Mae’s death. My roommate had volunteered the year before with WKLDOC. She knew Anna Mae too.

My roommate found me standing in line at the college office. She told me that it was on the news that Anna Mae had been found dead. We were both in shock.

I finished my business and went back to the dorm. I sat on my bed and cried. Another dream had died in the cold and snow of Wounded Knee.

We had sworn to stand for our People even unto death. Now our best had been required.

I can only wish healing, health and happiness for her daughters. They should not disparage the whole Movement nor laud the FBI.

It sickens me to hear people who did not have the courage to stand for The People mocking those who did.

We cannot bring Anna Mae back. We can honor her by continuing her work. We can honor our People. We can bring back respect for Women and Elders. We can protect and educate our children so that our future is secure.

We can bring back balance between men and women.

We can stop uranium mining and other ventures that harm and rape our Mother Earth.

If we do all of those things then we will have accepted the gifts of Anna Mae Aquash.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anna Mae Aquash: The Legend

Monica J Charles

Anna Mae Aquash is the stuff of legends. She died in her prime under mysterious circumstances. She was only thirty years old and the mother of two small children. She was beautiful, smart and shined with promise. She was friends with the American Indian Movement leadership and the rank and file.

The FBI through their informants started rumors that she was one of their collaborators. Only those that didn’t know her, were jealous of her, or for some reason didn’t like her chose to believe that gossip.

Anna Mae represented the strengths and weaknesses in Indian women. She lived her life working for the good of all of The People. It is rumored that she fell in love with and had an affair with Dennis Banks, AIM’s top leader and most famous philanderer. Dennis was the common law husband of her friend Kamook Nichols Banks.

That love may have been her fatal flaw. It made her a target. Men always underestimate the strength and power of Women. The FBI may have thought that she would be the weak link into AIM’s inner circle.

FBI SA David Price told her that if she didn’t cooperate with the FBI that she would be dead within a year.

Kamook said in her interview with Anna Maria Tremonti that Anna Mae would be arrested with everyone else. Then she would be released before everyone else. Kamook said she wondered why.

The suspicion had been planted and was growing. It looked like Anna Mae was collaborating with the FBI.

No one survived the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program. They sent out false letters, started rumors about key people. It was adolescent but worked well.

To find out more about the FBI’s Cointel program read about the Black Panthers. Bobby Seals has a book on the internet for free download. There is a book by Jack Olson about Panther leader Geronimo Pratt. He served 27 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. It’s reminiscent of Leonard Peltier and Anna Mae Aquash.

Simply googling “Cointelpro” will turn up a plethora of articles and documents. Paul Wolf has an excellent site on the subject. That is the best place to start.

There is a movie called “Panther.” It cites a FOIA document that states that the FBI partnered with organized crime to introduce hard drugs into the Black communities. That was to take down the Panthers base of support.

Panther leaders were suspicious and jealous of a young Geronimo Pratt from the Southern California Black Panther chapter. They abandoned him when the FBI charged him with murder. He was at a Panther convention in Oakland. The FBI had phone tapes and photos proving he was in Oakland at the time of the murder. Panther leaders could have testified that he was in Oakland but didn’t.

The FBI played on jealousies and egos of leaders and key people. They fomented dissent where it hadn’t existed before. Once you see how the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program took down the Black Panther Party it will be easy to see what happened to The American Indian Movement, Leonard Pelter and Anna Mae Aquash.

It is said that the Pie Patrol (influential Sioux AIM women) was jealous of Anna Mae’s beauty and influence with Dennis Banks. Kamook was one of them. She could have used her influence as AIM’s First Lady to stop rumors about Anna Mae but didn’t.

Someone was counting on the stereotype of women’s jealousy of each other. The powerful pie patrol was comprised of Lakota women. They were loyal to their own. Dennis Banks trophy wife Kamook was one of them. She was his connection into the tight knit Lakota community.

The Pie Patrol is the women being accused by Demain and the FBI of complicity in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. They were prominent and active in their communities. Everyone is being accused except Kamook that is. She wore a wire to record her husband and Arlo Looking Cloud.

There is a document on Leonard Peltier’s site where the FBI is discussing revealing to Kamook that Anna Mae and her husband Dennis were having an affair. They thought that they might be able to recruit her as an informant if she knew of the affair.

Anna Mae didn’t belong to a big political family from a big Tribe nor did she belong to a prominent AIM family. She was from Micmac a remote Tribe on Canada’s East Coast. She was alone.

AIM needed her organizational and fundraising skills. While AIM’s swaggering feathered warriors were romantic and photogenic they were not always politic or diplomatic. The touch of a gifted dazzling woman was sometimes needed. She could raise money from America’s rich elite. She could get things done. Dennis Banks said of her in his autobiography “Ojibwe Warrior” Anna Mae would never be a burden.

Anna Mae Aquash disappeared sometimes during the winter of 1975-1976. The FBI story says that she was kidnapped from the Denver home of Troy Lynn Yellowwood where she had been staying. Others say she went of her own accord. The FBI story says that Anna Mae was killed by AIM on December 12 1975.

The FBI story makes her into a vapid victim. They say that she was taken to the house of Thelma Rios in Rapid City South Dakota. There she was supposedly beaten and raped.

Anna Mae was strong-willed and knew karate. Would she have willingly allowed herself to be beaten and raped? One of her sisters told a story of a physical fight between Anna Mae and her husband Nogeeshik. She went to see what the ruckus was about. She came back saying that it was an equal fight. Anna Mae was giving as good as she got.

That’s a different Anna Mae from the one that allows herself to be dragged here and there and walks placidly to her death.

FBI supporters flesh out the FBI story. They tell lies to manipulate our emotions. They say that Anna Mae was taken to the top of a ravine and shot. They claim that she was blinded by blood from her wound. She tried to crawl for help and fell off the embankment. She curled into the fetal position in an attempt to keep warm. She lay there for days before the elements took her.

The second autopsy report says that the bullet pierced her brain.

What kind of person would make her death worse than it is? What kind of mind could come up with a false story like that?

A bullet piercing her brain would have killed her instantly.

Paula Giese from Minneapolis said that she had received a phone call from Anna Mae on December 20 1975. Anna Mae said that she would visit after the holidays.

FBI agent David Price filed a report that Anna Mae was sighted on February 12, 1976. The report is heavily redacted but describes what she is wearing and the vehicle she is traveling in. The names of the people she was with and their destination is blacked out. The FBI will not reveal the name of the person who reported sighting her. They say it is to protect their informant. Is that person still an active spy?

The memo was discovered by journalist Steve Hendricks when he sued the FBI for release of all FOIA documents relating to Anna Mae Aquash. It is cited in the endnotes of his book “The Unquiet Grave.”

Paul Demain bills himself as the person who knows the most about the case. He claims that Peltier supporters are using this incident because Peltier was in jail in Canada at the time. So he couldn’t have been personally involved with her murder.

Demain claims that Anna Mae Aquash was killed because she allegedly knew that he was the executioner of Agents Coler and Williams.

Demain is obsessed with proving that Leonard Peltier actually did shoot FBI agents Coler and Williams. The Federal Government admits that they do not know who shot the agents. There is no evidence linking Peltier to the murder.

Demain claims that Peltier boasted to Anna Mae Aquash, sisters Kamook Banks and Bernie Lafferty that he shot Coler and Williams as they begged for their lives.

Demain asserts that Anna Mae was killed because she heard Peltier’s “confession.” He does not explain why Kamook Banks and Bernie Lafferty were not killed for hearing the same confession.

Paul Demain’s timeline is silly. He wrote me into it in an attempt to frighten me away from this story. It didn’t work. It did show me that he is so desperate to “get” AIM and Leonard Peltier that he is willing to lie to do it.

Anna Mae worked hard for the People. She deserves real justice, not the Amerikan Just Us of Arlo’s 3 ½ day trial.

There are descriptions of three different girls in the crime scene report and the two autopsies.

There is a memo on Peltier’s site stating that the FBI was monitoring girls that looked like Anna Mae. Were those girls used to confuse and cover up the murder of Anna Mae Aquash?

The body at the crime scene was described as 5’6” and 20 years old. Aquash was 5’2” and 30 years old. It was determined that the body in the first autopsy died from exposure. There was no mention of a gunshot wound or blood leaking from that wound. Organs were removed, examined and weighed and noted.

Again the body in the second autopsy was different. It had blood leaking from a gunshot wound at the back of the head. The bullet was lodged into the front of the skull after piercing the brain. There had been no organs removed in the second autopsy.

Was there a younger taller girl found at the crime scene? Did Dr Brown autopsy a girl that actually did die of exposure?

Was there a different girl in the second autopsy that died from a bullet wound?

Either there were three different girls or these are the worst cops and medical examiners in the world. Or this was part of a cover up.

Who were those girls? Their families deserve closure. Was any of them Anna Mae?

There are still many questions that need to be asked and answered in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash.

The FBI claims to have lost the clothes that Anna Mae was wearing at the time of her death. They could be tested for dna with todays technology.

Richard Marshall is being charged with being an accessory to murder. They FBI says that he provided the murder weapon to John Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud. They claim that Richard Marshall owned a pistol of the same caliber that killed Anna Mae. Has it been test fired to match a bullet with the one that pierced Anna Mae’s brain? A similar pistol is not a smoking gun.

The government has scheduled the trials of John Graham, Richard Marshall and Thelma Rios on top of each other. It will be impossible to give each case the attention they deserve.

Mainstream media and Native journalists have ignored this case although it defines the federal government’s relationship with Indians during the fiery 1970s.

The American Indian Movement was hunted down and disrupted along with the Black Panthers and other Civil Rights organizations during the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program.

Most people during the 1960’s and 1970’s did not see how out of control the FBI and other police organizations were. They may have seen the aftermath and cover-ups of assassinations of young Black Panther leaders. They did not see the cops kicking in doors and shooting Panthers as they slept.

They did not see the FBI in paramilitary uniforms packing semi-automatic weapons on the Pine Ridge Resrvation during the 1970’s. They did not hear SAC Joe Trimbach requesting that the US Air Force bomb us during the first few days of the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973.

FBI SAC Norm Zigrossi has said that AIM was better armed than he. When I came out of Wounded Knee a younger cousin asked me what kind of weapons we (Indians) had. I said 22’s and hunting rifles. He said he saw that on the news. He asked what THEY had. I said what they are using in Vietnam. He said you were lucky to get out of there alive. I agreed.

The FBI and their lap dogs brazenly lie. Most Wounded Knee 1973 veterans are afraid to speak up to object. You could be arrested or written into Demain’s silly timeline.

The FBI refuses to release key FOIA documents because it would jeopardize national security or expose their plants that still exist today.

The question arises, if Anna Mae was not killed on December 12, 1975 where was she? There are rumors that she was on Pine Ridge. Was she in hiding until she was caught and killed in the middle of February 1976? That was the time period stated in the FBI’s first press release about her murder.

Was she in FBI custody being interrogated and threatened? Was she tortured? Did someone kill her under FBI orders?

There will be no justice for Anna Mae Aquash until the FBI is held accountable for their part in her death.

The trials of John Graham, accused shooter of Anna Mae Aquash, Richard Marshall, accused of being an accessory to murder, and Thelma Rios, also accused of being an accessory to murder, start in February.

There is a book by Johanna Brand about the life and death of Anna Mae Aquash. It provides good background. Steve Hendricks book The Unquiet Grave has uncovered new documents. The controversial “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse” also covers the times. FBI SA David Price sued author Peter Matthieson to keep the book off the shelves. Matthieson eventually won his case after several years.

There is much information and disinformation also available on the internet. Paul Demain and his crew are frantically trying to sway public opinion. They even have a facebook site dedicated to Anna Mae.

I was on it for a few minutes until I posted the Price memo that Anna Mae was sighted in February 1976. ALIVE! I linked it to Steve Hendricks site. I was promptly banned and my post erased. Demain does not want people to know that there is evidence that the FBI story is a lie.

The irony is that if Anna Mae was here today she would be working for Truth and Justice for Arlo Looking Cloud, John Graham, Richard Marshall, and Thelma Rios. Anna Mae saw FBI Just Us in action on Pine Ridge during the Reign of Terror. It may have been what killed her.

Monday, July 27, 2009



The final invasion of whites is by Seashepherd wiccans. They are the final assault. They have partnered with FBI informant Richard Two Elk. They muddy the discussion of the case of Anna Mae Aquash.

A seashepherd wiccan announced on another list that his job was to close down places where Indians posted. It was so we would have no voice.

The racism of Seashepherd and Paul Watson could not silence our support of Makah Treaty whaling. Seashepherd wiccans will not stop the quest for justice for Anna Mae Aquash, real justice not FBI Just Us.

Again there is the usual assortment of scouts and sellouts that agree with the white invaders that alt.native was never an Indian discussion list but a hippie heaven made up of people of all colors. There is nothing wrong with that. Although it’s not true. This used to be an Indian discussion list.

The wiccans are putting the final nails in alt.native’s coffin. The place is filled with whites and wannabes and wiccans. Maybe the name should be changed to alt.www.