Tuesday, November 14, 2006


FBI Lies Part Two

"The dog soldiers were the elite military organizations in the tribe. They were the last line of defense for the people. And so they were greatly esteemed. The warriors in the society were outfitted with a particular sash, which trailed the ground. And each member carried a sacred arrow. And in time of battle, the dog soldier would impale the sash to the ground and stand the ground to the death. They had a song which only the members could sing, and only in the face of death. So you can imagine, that children, when they saw a dog soldier go by, must have just -- Ahhh, wow! Look at that guy, he's a dog soldier!" N. Scott Momaday

The FBI has used the image of Plains Indian Dog Soldiers to frighten the white public. During Leonard Peltier’s trial they said that American Indian Movement Dog Soldiers were coming to town. The allusion was that AIM’s biggest and baddest were coming to break their brother Leonard Peltier out of jail.

Extra protection was provided for the jurors. The windows on their bus were painted black. Nilak Butler said that she and her friend with her children were made to hide while the jurors unloaded. Nilak said the FBI didn’t want people to see AIM as every day people, like mothers with children. AIM had to be seen as dark and dangerous, a threat to white existence.

At that time the FBI still wore Robert Stack’s face as Elliot Ness in the public mind. They were elegant cops in their business suits and grim professional manner. They mowed down underworld gangsters with machine guns. They had to do that to protect the public and the American Dream.

In real life and real time during the 1960’s people of color began banding together to find ways to improve life for their people. The Black Panther Party began serving breakfast to school kids. They simply wanted to give children of color a fighting chance in the classroom.

The Black Panther Party was infiltrated and destroyed by the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program. Those stylish cops kicked in Panther doors and murdered their leadership just like Robert Stack had done to the mob.

The white American public barely batted an eye as they watched the grandchildren of slaves be beaten and murdered for demanding simple human dignity.

When the FBI turned to the American Indian Movement they changed tactics. They wore fatigues and carried rifles. They staged a military style invasion and occupation on the miniature third world country, the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Most American Indians lived on remote poor reservations. Up until that time the FBI were basically urban cops. Most of the FBI’s Indian war was fought on the Pine Ridge reservation.

In February 1973 the Oglalla Sioux Civil Rights Organization sent out word to all Indian activists to come and help occupy the little town of Wounded Knee. Indians came from Canada and the United States.

The occupation was quickly surrounded by the FBI, US Marshals, BIA police, the United States Army, and white vigilantes. The little village was held for 71 days.

Pine Ridge was a small version of a third world country. There was a corrupt Tribal Chairman that was a dictator with a personal guard called the goon squad. Pine Ridge had uranium. That meant nothing to the Tribal members, but meant big money to the United States government.

Did the FBI foment civil war on the Pine Ridge reservation in order to steal land and uranium from the Lakota? According to Buffy St Marie interview in the documentary “In the spirit of Annie Mae,” Anna Mae was very much involved in researching uranium mining on reservations. She talked about it a lot.

Buffy St. Marie was a friend of Anna Mae Aquash. She says Anna Mae told her that she was being stalked. Anna Mae confided that she thought the stalkers were “government folks.”


The FBI seemed to test public reaction to the bloody murders of Black Panther leaders. There was no outcry as Panthers were shot as they slept. Few cared that some Black Panthers were convicted of murders they couldn’t have committed.

White America seemed afraid of possible revenge from a Black uprising. They were willing to accept the unacceptable behavior of various city police and the FBI in their disruption of Black Unity.

AIM men grew their hair long. Aim women also let their hair grow out and wore it straight and free. It was a simple declaration. Boarding Schools had cut our hair. To us that was a symbol of shame or mourning. We took back our own sense of beauty and pride.

News photos showed armed AIM warriors against the skyline holding rifles with eagle feathers fluttering in the wind. The leadership made bold, tough, witty statements on the six o’clock news.

Tribal chairmen in business suits or cowboy shirts made counter-statements. President Richard Nixon formed the National Tribal Chairmen’s Association in an attempt to contain growing Indian unrest. The flames of civil war were lit as the Tribes elected officials were pitted against their own people. The fire grew hottest on Pine Ridge.

The FBI sent Doug Durham to infiltrate the American Indian Movement at the top. He was a white man who pretended to be Indian. He dyed his hair black, dressed and strutted like the AIM warriors.

He is a haunting figure but in a different way than Anna Mae. How did this white FBI agent gain access to AIM’s inner circle? How was he able to trick key people into believing that he was Indian?

He had needed skills. He was a photographer, writer and pilot. He had access to money or whatever the AIM leadership needed. He was a man who could get things done. He made himself indispensable to Dennis Banks, AIM’s top leader.

The FBI spread rumors that certain AIM members were informers or collaborators. The FBI would arrest Anna Mae along with her friends. She would be released before everyone else. The FBI carefully set her up. It looked like she was cooperating with the FBI.

Doug Durham was exposed as an informer. He was allowed to leave. No retaliation was taken. He wasn’t even slapped around for his crimes. What damage did he do as Director of National Security for AIM?

Anna Mae was a fund raiser and organizer. Who and what was she a danger to? What information could she have provided to the FBI that Doug Durham and other informants hadn’t?

What would be the FBI’s real fear of Anna Mae? The leadership was held hostage by court cases or they were on the run. If all the men were out of the picture, would this tiny woman be in charge? She would have cleaned up AIM and gotten it back on track, in service to The People.

That didn’t happen. Anna Mae disappeared sometime during that winter of 75 – 76. Stories leaked or were leaked out.


Paul Demain said in his timeline that it would be Dog Soldier protocol for Arlo Looking Cloud to receive the gun to kill Anna Mae Aquash on Lakota Territory. Demain promotes FBI propaganda that the murder of Anna Mae Aquash was an AIM Dog Soldier operation.

Let’s pretend that Looking Cloud and Graham were Dog Soldiers. They were prepared to offer their lives to protect The People. Anna Mae would have to have been the most treacherous of collaborators for that elite warrior society to step in. If it still existed.

Would Graham and Looking Cloud have staked themselves down to shoot a woman in the back of the head?

The Dog Soldier lie is one of the most improbable. What honor would have come of killing a tiny girl? They didn’t track down and kill Doug Durham. He called a press conference to announce to the world that he was an FBI operative working at the highest levels of AIM. There was only FBI planted suspicion of Anna Mae.

Paul Demain has said that after Anna Mae’s murder several women broke off from AIM and formed the Women of All Red Nations. WARN. That was the pie patrol. They are the same women he accuses of beating Anna Mae at her alleged interrogation at the Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee office.

Most of the FBI lies are improbable. Through repetition some of those lies have become accepted as truth.

It is hard to see through the fog created by the FBI and their spinmeisters. There are hard sell and soft sell attempts to stop the examination of the murder of Anna Mae Aquash.

It has been over 30 years since the disappearance and murder of Anna Mae Aquash. Some say that it is an old story and no one cares. That may be true for some people.

We will never get the truth from the FBI and the US Court System. The American Indian Movement took on the military might of the United States Government. That war was like Steve Hendricks says a battle for the soul of Indian Country.

AIM was imploded from within by infiltrators and their own failings. Massive egos and ambitions of the leadership divided the loyalties of the rank and file of AIM membership. The FBI took advantage of that.

What stood up at the occupation of the BIA in 1972 and the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973 was the best part of us. It was defiled by the developing science of how to destroy a people, Cointelpro.

There is a part of us that the FBI will never be able to conquer unless we personally allow it. That is our minds and souls.

I like to think that there is a Supreme Court in the next world. It is made up of all our greatest chiefs: Seattle, Joseph, Captain Jack, Crazy Horse, Geronimo and all the others.

The FBI and the US government won’t be held accountable for their atrocities against Indian People. I like to think that Anna Mae waits on the other side for retired FBI agent David Price to cross over. She will escort him before our high court to stand trial.

In the meantime we can demand truth. The FBI did nothing about the murder of Anna Mae Aquash for almost 30 years. Key witnesses have died and FBI lies have taken hold.

We can stand up for those who stood for us and gave their lives. We can use our hearts and minds to examine the story and evidence or lack of evidence.

The story of Anna Mae Aquash is a big one. It is the modern day wrongdoings of the US government. It is the promise and failure of the American Indian Movement. It is the story of the best and worst in us. We must own it.