Saturday, January 31, 2009



There is a place on google groups. It is called alt.native ( It used to be an Indian newsgroup as the title suggests. It has been taken over by a group of white women. It has become a place of white rights and white power.

Alt.native has been in its death throes for a while. This latest invasion of whites is the death blow. Any posting of Native topics gets buried by racist hate.

The whites say that it is an open forum. It is. They say that the description “People indigenous to an area before colonization” includes them. They don’t seem to get that they are the colonizers.

There was a time when alt.native was a good place to get out and get information. Now it is filled with the inane chatter of white women and chest thumping of racist white men.

Some of them are angry with us because we don’t fit their idea of what Indians should be. We have missionaries. They are pagan this time around.

Communists want to educate us about the untrustworthiness of the US government and the lack of truth of their history. We wrote the book on that subject.

It’s too bad that the whites couldn’t have found or founded their own place to talk of their issues. As more whites move in we will be pushed out completely. There was the usual assortment of sellouts, scouts and collaborators ready to hand everything over to the white invaders.

Soon the only thing Native about alt.native will be the name. That will be a shame.