Sunday, September 18, 2005

Anna Mae Aquash

Next year will make 30 years since that body was found in a South Dakota gully. We don't know any more now than we did then.

There are web sites dedicated to her. Everyone has an opinion or theory. Disagree with the accepted FBI story and you will be attacked, your computer hacked and crashed, your reputation will be severely questioned. There is still danger associated with her name.

Although Arlo Looking Cloud was convicted for her murder I still believe that it was the US Government that made the decision that ended her life. I don't think we will ever know the full truth. We will never get that from the courts. That would be like asking a coyote to guard the hen house. The result would be disastrous.

I think now that we were manipulated by the federal government. I think that the occupation of the BIA, Custer, and the occupation of Wounded Knee and the execution of Anna Mae Aquash was a war game.

I think that the feds decided that she was the lynch pin of The Movement. I think they were stopping the rise of a Red Messiah. I don't know if they thought that Anna Mae was the Messiah or they thought one would rise from AIM.

Taking out Anna Mae took out the Movement. I don't think it really had anything to do with our ideals or goals. AIM was simply a convenient target that met the needs of the feds at the time. All of this was a training exercise.

Arlo's trial was just another farce. John's will be too. It's a mop up. The erasing of all remaining tracks. There was no concrete evidence presented against Arlo. There won't be against John.

The feds will have their way. Any concrete evidence has been lost or destroyed. They are in charge of the hen house and the results are disastrous.

The legend of Anna Mae will live forever. She will be like Che. She was beautiful, intelligent and would have effected positive change for Native people.

We need to ask "Who was she a danger to? Who benefited from her death?" It certainly isn't Arlo or John.

Spirits here say it was 3 men that killed her. She didn't walk placidly to her death. She fought. They were scared of her. That is more in keeping with her personality.

The courts took uncorroborated hearsay testimony. I don't think they would take the word of Spirit.

I have no physical evidence for my assertions. It is just what I have learned from listening and watching for these 30 years.

I ask people to keep an open mind and heart. Don't take the coyote's word about what happened in the chicken house.


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