Monday, July 27, 2009



The final invasion of whites is by Seashepherd wiccans. They are the final assault. They have partnered with FBI informant Richard Two Elk. They muddy the discussion of the case of Anna Mae Aquash.

A seashepherd wiccan announced on another list that his job was to close down places where Indians posted. It was so we would have no voice.

The racism of Seashepherd and Paul Watson could not silence our support of Makah Treaty whaling. Seashepherd wiccans will not stop the quest for justice for Anna Mae Aquash, real justice not FBI Just Us.

Again there is the usual assortment of scouts and sellouts that agree with the white invaders that alt.native was never an Indian discussion list but a hippie heaven made up of people of all colors. There is nothing wrong with that. Although it’s not true. This used to be an Indian discussion list.

The wiccans are putting the final nails in alt.native’s coffin. The place is filled with whites and wannabes and wiccans. Maybe the name should be changed to alt.www.

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Shoshana D said...

Those aren't "harm none and do as ye will" Wiccans (which should be capitalized like Cherokee, Christian or any other group beyond a random cursory description, btw!), but rather just more radical extremists concentrating on small fry because dealing with real environmental issues is too much work for them. I'm both grossed out by their methods and the disrespect shown to the Wiccan community by yourself, which does nothing to help NA or AIM causes whatsoever, and makes us look like a bunch of colonized bumkins instead.

Unintelligent, short-sighted people will always be upset with one another over things they're not fully aware/respectful of, and it's not right for you to characterize everyone of a particular faith as being bad, or misunderstanding, or not participating in a real religion. This too smacks of adopted colonialist tactics, and compounds a hatred not really there
in the first place.

No Wiccan - or anyone else in the pagan community - has it out for us, and saying so is just a convenient way to generalize and spread the hate. You want to go after a couple of people who suck? That's fine, and makes perfect sense, especially if they're trying to tell NA what to do on their own lands and with their own traditions. You are well within your right to be upset with those people. Please do some research and talk to some real pagans (I, for one, was raised in a household where my family's pre-Colonial Cherokee traditions were well respected), and Wiccans and other pagans respect our traditions, too. If you learn more, you'll realize that 98% of pagans/Wiccans are on your side. It's the occasional rabid environmentalist who isn't, perhaps, but that is COMPLETELY different and should not be confused with a beautiful, loving path that is the opposite of much of what you've described.

Generalizations do all of us - no matter our path - a HUGE disservice.