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The internet is strange, sometimes good sometimes bad. You can use it to research and get or get out information. You can use it to communicate.

One of the bad things for Indians is anyone can claim to be Indian without proof. You can’t see them through your monitor unless they want to be seen. We are plagued with wannabes.

Another bad thing is racists can invade your discussion sites. They can say anything under the guise of free speech, even hate. They can hide behind pseudonyms and usually do.

Seashepherd has done all of that. During Makah whaling they called for anyone with a drop of Indian blood to speak out against the Makah. I met such a man on our beach one day.

I was bringing oyster shells for my mom to the beach. We return our shells and bones and uneaten parts back to where we got the fish or shellfish.

There was a red haired red bearded white man prowling the beach with a white woman. I recognized him as one who spoke at the Environmental Impact study hearing in Seattle against Makah Whaling.

He came up and looked at what I had poured out. He said belligerently “What are you doing?” I asked him who he was and what he was doing on private Reservation land. He said he was Chippewa. I told him he had no rights on our land.

He thought that if he claimed Indian blood that would be a key into any Indian community. I told him to go back to the Great Lakes. That was Chippewa territory.

I knew he wasn’t Indian. No Indian would take a stand against another Tribe’s Treaty. That’s sacrosanct.

I stayed until the strange man left. I reported him to our police chief. He told me I should have gotten him right away. He would have escorted the invader beyond the reservation boundaries and told him never to return.

There was a letter in the paper by a woman claiming to be Navajo. She opposed the Navajo’s claim to a sacred mountain. Seashepherd promoted hate against Indians. It was never about whaling. The issue was and is hate.

One day an old friend and Makah whaling commissioner came to our Elders lunch. I told him that some seashepherd wiccan/Satanists had found me on a googlegroups Indian discussion site, alt.native. I told him that they were still attacking me about Makah whaling.

He said it’s too bad that they can’t just move on. We have.

I told him that they were calling me a racist, as if that would negate all the racist atrocities seashepherd had committed here during Makah Whaling. He laughed at the absurdity.

I had many letters to the editor printed. I confronted seashepherd lies and racism. I appealed to the higher good of our white neighbors. I said that organizations will not stop hate. Individual people would.

Apparently it worked. Dan Spomer stated in his West Coast Citizen’s Alliance, that the only time he had trouble was when Monica had a letter printed.

All of the hate groups have the word citizen in the title of their group. They refer to themselves as tax paying citizens. That is racismspeak for white.

Chuck and Margaret Owens call their group the Peninsula Citizens for the Protection of Whales.

There are no People of Color in any of these groups.

Seashepherd information director Michael Kundu used the internet to organize wiccan and satanic covens around the world to cast their spells on the Makah at the same time. He would write the rhyming spells that were used.

He kept a diary on the Makah whale hunt on his coven’s site. When he ran for public office he erased his internet tracks. Some of his racist articles can still be found.

The invading group on the alt.native site seems strange. Kate, who appears to be their witch queen, also claims to be Kickapoo. She claims a medicine man in Sedona told her that she was a very powerful woman (a medicine woman?) and from the Kickapoo Tribe.

Although she will not state where she is enrolled she thinks she can speak as an Indian. She is another wannabe. We are plagued with them.

The men are vitriolic and bullies. One calling himself sizzle flambé enrolled at the New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans site. He said one of the moderators Debbie Moran invited him there.

He provided a link to a Seattle Times article that quoted me. It was his evidence of my racism. I was quoted as saying the Port Angeles Graving yard project was very hard on my People.

The State of Washington was building a graving yard on top of one of old villages and cemetery. Our youth had to remove our Ancestors remains to keep the state’s voracious machines from desecrating them.

His other evidence against me was his rhyming poems about me. Very strange.

Even with Debbie Moran’s backing he could not get up a posse to attack me. He soon disappeared.

Debbie moran is also a moderator on a white pagan site. They have divided themselves into Tribes. Debbie had a map up of their Tribes and their traditional lands. As a moderator she knew I was looking around her site. It was shut down for a while to non-members. Their Traditional Tribal lands were along side the I-5 corridor. It encompassed Nisqually, Puyallup, Muckleshoot and Tulalip Reservations. The map has since been removed.

Another calling himself sar chasm sent a letter to Jamestown Sklallam Tribe Chairman Ron Allen. Ron is prominent on the national scene.

The letter demanded that the Tribe denounce me or sar chasm would have all funding for the Tribe stopped and the casino closed. Ron is too big to be intimidated by a gnat. He did not respond.

This is typical Seashepherd keystone kops behavior. He threatened the wrong chairman from the wrong band. I provided him with the appropriate names and information so he could threaten my chairwoman. I was embarrassed for him.

He promptly sent another threatening letter to my chairwoman. He actually expected a response and a public denunciation of me. She didn’t bother with him either.

Dan Spomer did the same thing during Makah Whaling. He called for a boycott of all Indian smokeshops and casinos. The Makah have neither a smokeshop nor a casino. The issue is hate.

Spomer also demanded that the State of Washington denounce the Makah or he would call for a tourism boycott. The State ignored him as the Tribe is ignoring the chasm.

Sar chasm tells me I have no right to call myself an Elder. He seems to think that it is an elected position as an Elder in a church. He is demanding that my Tribe denounce me as an Elder or they will have to deal with him. He actually expected a response.

My mother was the last surviving member of her generation in our family. When she left us then my generation had to step up and take her place ready and willing or not.

Sar chasm and other seashepherds refuse to realize that they have no right to say what is Traditional or who is an Elder. It is racist for them to assume so. Only we can make those determinations.

The white race is not overseers or keepers of the protocols of People of Color.

Sar chasm is a bad representative of Seashepherd, Paganism and the white race.

We have survived the guns, the boarding schools and smallpox blankets. We will survive Seashepherd wiccans and satanists. They are only gnats after all.

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