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Seashepherd Hate

Seashepherd Hate PT 1
11 years later

On May 17 1999 the Makah Tribe got their first gray whale in approximately 80 years. They had voluntarily given up hunting gray whales because white New England whalers had almost totally decimated their numbers.

The white whalers hunted gray whales for their oil and their bones to make corsets to imprison their white women.

The Makah hunted them for food.

Seashepherd and their fellow antiwhalers are gnats. They buzzed the Makah whaling canoe, The Hummingbird, with jetskis and rubber rafts called zodiacs. They threw lit flares at her trying to set her on fire.

One young woman looked like she wanted to ram the canoe with her jetski. A Coast Guard zodiac positioned itself between her and the canoe. Her jetski slid under it.

Drama queen Seashepherd claimed that the Coast Guard had run over her deliberately. She was arrested and hospitalized in Port Angeles. Guards were posted. She was young pretty and arrogant. The drama queen made the most of the situation.

Seashepherd believed that if they turned up the racism other Tribes would capitulate and force the Makah to stop whaling. They attacked our culture, religion, ceremonies and traditions.

It didn’t work. The Makah were exercising their Treaty Right to hunt whales. We dug in and endured the hate to support the Makah Treaty.

There would be four or five letters in the local newspaper every day by antiwhalers. It was racism disguised as saving whales. Indians were inundated with hate.

Some of the antiwhaling statements were incredibly stupid. They stated that the Traditional method of Makah Whaling was to dig up a corpse and paddle that after the whale. Our respect for the dead would not allow that abnormal behavior.

Dan Spomer wrote a bizarre editorial that was printed in the paper about the Hopi sacrificing eagles. The Hopi Tribe is from the Arizona deserts. They don’t whale.

The antiwhalers continually stated that if we wanted to whale we couldn’t use any modern conveniences. I would gladly give up my microwave oven and Indian Nikes and flushing toilet if they would take the next plane back to their ancestral homelands.

I started answering those letters. At first I confronted their evil and hate. You can’t reason with an evil racist person. I started poking fun at them.

I suggested they celebrate the little bean that makes their tofu and gardenburgers. I suggested they sing ballads of all the land, animals, birds, insects, trees and vegetation that were laid waste to grow their vegan food. I told them to Riverdance in honor of their bravery in supermarket aisles as they gathered their food.

They hated me. They still do to this day.

About this time it was announced that fish dna had been added to tomatoes to extend their shelf life. I had fun with that. I said that by the end of the decade antiwhaling vegans may be hunting their salad alongside the Makah while they hunt whales.

They didn’t think that was funny either. Vegans and antiwhalers have no sense of humor. They called me disrespectful. They didn’t think their words of hate were disrespectful.

I got involved with the internet group The Coalition to End Racial Targeting of American Indian Nations because I had been at the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973. I had a friend who had a friend that was a member. She told them about me.

The CERTAIN founder, Mike Two Horses called and interviewed me. Paul Watson of Seashepherd claimed that he couldn’t be racist because he was the American Indian Movement’s medic.

He claims that he ran through a hail of lead to rescue wounded medic Roque Madrid. He also claims to have helped Medicine Man Leonard Crow Dog remove the bullet.

Watson also claims to have had a vision during a sweat lodge ceremony. He claims that he saw a buffalo with a spear imbedded in him. There was a rope attached to the spear. He chased the hunter away thereby rescuing the buffalo.

Watson further claims that Medicine Man Wallace Black Elk interpreted his vision. According to Watson, Black Elk said that it wasn’t the plains buffalo that he had saved. It was the buffalo of the sea….whales.

Watson claims that Wallace Black Elk told him that he would become the shepherd of the sea. Problem is neither Wallace Black Elk nor Leonard Crow Dog remember a heroic visionary white boy. Neither does anyone who was actually there.

That was a nice little story to explain how he came by the name for his organization. Watson also claims that Wallace Black Elk gave him the Indian name Gray Wolf Clear Water.

Wallace doesn’t remember performing a naming ceremony. He spoke his language. If he gave an Indian name it would have been in Lakota not English.

He would not have given a first and last name. He would not have used the last name of the recently murdered Frank Clearwater.

Frank Clearwater had walked into the occupation of Wounded Knee with his wife. Before his first 24 hours were up a bullet pierced the Catholic Church walls where he was sitting on the floor. It killed him.

Watson claims we are denying him because he saves whales. I would be grateful to him if he actually did that.

I never did understand Watson’s story. The Sioux are buffalo hunters. Why would he think a Sioux medicine man would be impressed with him chasing off a buffalo hunter?

I tried to chase off crossposters on the alt.native discussion site. It backfired. Racist seashepherd wiccan/Satanists recognized my name and invaded our site.

They don’t care about saving whales. They want to put down Indians once and for all. I refuse to be put down. I will probably be the Ishi in their crosshairs for the rest of my life.

The Indian in me refuses to die or surrender.

Part 2 follows shortly.

Seashepherd humanized the whale and dehumanized Indians.

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